Onsite Computer Service for Katy, Tx and surrounding Communites


PC and Software Support


KatyTech provides assistance to end users with questions regarding operation of both hardware and software.

We have the tools and resources to resolve most of you computer and networking problems within one hour.

We deliver consistency, cost-effective, reliable, customer-focused technical support for client.

We support:

Operating Systems (DOS, Window 9X, 2000, XP, MS Server 2000, 2003)

Applications (MSOFFICE, WORDPERFECT, LOTUS, Accounting Software)

Messaging/E-mail (MS Exchange, Outlook, Outlook express and other various email clients)

Internet Connection (IE, Netscape 4.X- 7.0, Mozilla, Opera, etc.)

Software Auditing & Licensing Compliance (Microsoft)

Software Support (Photoshop, illustrator, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Omni Pro/Forms,)


For more information call 832-428-1130

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