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Tips on Securing your network and information:

Wired Networks:

Change logon passwords at least once every 30 days, include an alphanumeric character.

Turn off Simple File Sharing.

Enable password policies.

Only give Administrator rights on the local machine to users that require it.

Enable Firewalls on the network as well as the Local machine

Change all default passwords on routers and firewall appliances

Lock down any open ports on the network.

Wireless Networks:

Unsecured wireless networks is a growing problem.

Steps to secure your wireless network:

Enable WPA encryption.

Give your wireless network a unique SSID.

Change your router's default SSID and password.

Disable SSID broadcasting.

Turn off Simple File Sharing.

Turn off automatic connections.

Relocate your router.

Restrict unnecessary traffic with Windows Firewall.

Avoid transferring sensitive data at hotspots.

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