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How to install Windows XP Professional and Home Edition?

To insure performance and reliable install of Windows XP you can do a clean install. Before you perform the installation it is recommend that you check Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List to ensure that your hardware is supported by XP. Computers not up to par to run Windows XP will suffer slow performance. Make sure you have all appropriate drivers saved on a CD-ROM or a copy from the manufacturer.

First you must make sure the boot order is correct in the BIOS to boot from CD-ROM. Normally you can enter the computers BIOS, by selecting the Delete Key or one of the F function keys at Post on the computer, every manufacturer's procedure is different to enter the computer's BIOS setup, check your owners guide.

If your computer can boot from CD-ROM then you can perform the following steps to install Windows XP:

•  Start your PC and place your Windows XP CD in your CD/ DVD -ROM drive.

•  Your PC should automatically detect the CD and you will get a message saying "Press any key to boot from CD".

•  Press a key to boot from CD and Windows setup will begin. Windows will start copying preliminary setup files to your computer.

•  You will be asked if you want to perform a new installation, repair an existing installation, or quit. In this case, you will be performing a new installation.

•  You must agree by selecting on the F8 at the End User Licensing Agreement.

•  Select the partition where you want install windows. You will have the opportunity to create and/or delete partitions or just allocate the available disk space to one partition.

•  The next screen asks if you wish to use the NTFS file system. This is the recommended file system. If you choose to use FAT32, you will not have all the security and stability features of Windows XP.

•  Choose to format the partition in NTFS. Select a full format.

•  The setup program will automatically start copying files after the partition is formatted and you will see a setup progress bar.

•  After this is complete the computer will restart. Leave the XP CD in the drive but this time DO NOT press any key when the message "Press any key to boot from CD" is displayed. In few seconds setup will continue.

•  Windows XP Setup wizard will guide you through the setup process of gathering information about your computer.

•  Choose the region and language.

•  Type in your name and organization.

•  Enter your product license key.

•  Name the computer, and enter an Administrator password.

•  Enter the correct date and time.

•  Add users that will sign on to this computer.

•  Now you are ready Log in, to your PC for the first time. You will be prompted to detect how you connect to the internet and register your copy of Windows XP. You may choose to proceed or register at a later time.

•  Time on an install of Windows XP will vary depending on the speed of you processor, but the average time is about 39 minutes.

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